Sunday, 20 April 2014

Kate Moross, Make Your Own Luck exhibition and talk.

On April 19th 2014. I went up to Camden to look around Kate Morross's 'Make Your Own Luck' exhibition and talk. I can honestly say that that this day was one of the best days of my life, it equals winning the 'Clothes Show Live' creative award competition. This was because it was very inspiring and Kate Morross is a very big role model to me. She is the first artist that I looked at when I started graphic design and her work introduced me to the whole of this crazy world of Graphics. In this blog post I will be writing about pieces that I loved in the show, a short video of some of the talk, what I have learnt and a review of the book of 'Make Your Own Luck'. 
This is Me, Polly Vadasz, Joe Ley, Mel Webber with Kate Moross

Graphics Work that I loved from the exhibition:

  • For me, this was the key piece that stand stood out in the whole shows. I love how bright and vibrant the colours are and how simple the tribal pattern is. In addition, I love how this colour scheme and the weight and shape of the lines have been used to create the branding of the show, such as 'Make your own Luck' Poster and the 3D form objects at the font of the exhibition. 

I loved the way the work was put up on the walls, I liked how they were not in frames and all aligned, this gave the gallery a lot of personality and made it very interesting to look at.

The Talk

The Talk was on advice on freelancing. Right at the bottom there is a video which is similar to the talk that went to. 

What I learnt:

  1. The first thing that I learnt and I tough was amazing advice was to document everything. I thought this was good advice because even really small projects of drawings or writing ideas could become really useful and spark ideas for future projects. In addition, it would be nice to see how my work develops over the years, and have other people see my creative journey to get to the final designs.  I am going to do  take on board this advice by taking photos of the process of doing the work, little ideas and drawings that I have completed and put them on Instagram. Then from Instagam I can then pin all these ideas and little drawings onto Pintrest boards, so for future projects, they will all be organised and easy to access. An example is a project on 'The History of Dartmouth Boats'. I would refer to the Pintrest board of pervious ideas and drawings for inspiration. In addition I am going to start writing on this blog more often, showing photos and videos of ideas and techniques that are new, so I can refer back to them.  
  2. The second piece of advice was to be good at networking. This was a brilliant piece of advice because this is how you get the feedback for your work and interactive with customers and potential clients. I am going to take this piece of advice on by getting more business cards printed and more A4 'snap portfolios' to carry around with me at all time, so I am prepared at any time to talk about my work and give them something to remember me by. The second way I am going to act on this advice is during the summer on my London Rain Blog (, I am going to draw a building of London each day. The last thing that I am going to try and do is to send work and specific drawings throughout the summer to music labels, magazines and some of my favourite bloggers, to try and make good connections. 
  3. The fourth main piece of advice was to have a website. I have a website, however I created it back when I was only studying graphic design for 4 months. I am going to act upon this advice by making a new website, in dream weaver, which I have learnt some skills in ICT applied, for A2. I  will improve the professional look of the website, such as the URL making it so it is, layout working in grids so every thing is aligned,  having a consisted house style and branding and lastly to have the elements of the  website very minimalist to make the graphic work stand out.  
  4. The fifth piece of advice was to learn as much as possible and to go out and actively teach yourself new techniques, software and tools to enhance my work. I am going to learn how to improve my sewing so that I can make items of clothing made out of the screen prints of my work. In addition, I am going to learn about after affects, so that  I can create higher quality videos, and in the summer this will allow be to  shoot a advert for my company. 

A Sneak peek of the book

This is the Graphic work that I purchased at the show. 
This page caught my attention, because of the use of the bright colours and the type, creating the illusion of movement thought both posters. 

This was a really useful page, explaining how to price the freelance jobs. 

This page really jump out at me because I like the use of the drawn background with the combination of the black and white photography.

I loved this section of the book, becuase I think that a workplace is very personal, and it was lovely to see how each space devloped though the years. It also showed a lot of Kate's personalty.

Here is a link to buy the book and a link to the blog to get more information.

Pictures of the day

Other Video that you might find interesting 

This talk is a similar to the one that I went to, that might give you some interesting advice. 

Kate Moross - Main Stage Presentation - OFFSET2013 from OFFSET on Vimeo.

I would like to say thank you so much to Kate Moross who did the talk. It was very interesting, I learnt a lot and got inspired to work hard. Also check out more of her amazing work - She also runs a really good blog where she answers lots of questions related to art and succeeding in business.  


Saturday, 19 April 2014

New Design for My Market Stall in Camden and Online Store

Here are 4 more designs that I have created for the my market stall in Camden Lock Market and these ones are now availably on my online store - They are £12.99 and for an Easter treat they is FREE postage and packaging to all people in the Uk. 

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