Friday, 9 May 2014

Dartmouth Sailing (Yacht) Club Branding

This project is my exam work for A level Graphic Design. The title was 'Create Graphic Design Material to Celebrate Rivers'. I chose the river Dart and then decided to to focus on the mouth of the river which is Dartmouth, which is a seaside town with lots of history. I then decided to create a logo for the 'Dartmouth Yacht Club'. With this in mind, I created final pieces that would fit into their current practises, such as a limited edition whisky bottle to sell at the bar and a limited edition hand made shirt. I really loved this project. This blog post will show my final pieces, my sketchbook of my process and my future development with the work. 

Final Pieces 

This is the Whiskey bottle that I designed to celebrate the rich history of Dartmouth. This would be sold in the sailing club bar, after a long day at sea. designed by Lili Price. 

Bag, box and Whiskey bottle - designed by Lili Price. 

Dartmouth Sailing Club Whisky designed by Lili Price 
Wrapping paper with line drawing of boats to wrap the Whiskey box in. Designed by Lili Price.

This is a shirt that I made, it has the line drawings of the boat pattern on it. This represents the imports and exports of garments and the boats represent ships that have come into port. This was the first time that I have ever made a shirt and I am very pleased with how it turned out. Designed by Lili Price.
These are a coat hanger, gift tags and wrapping paper for when the customer buys a shirt.  Designed by Lili Price. 

This is a makeup bag or a purse, with the boat drawings on it. Designed by Lili Price 
Here are all my final pieces. Designed by Lili Price. 

This is a history fact book that comes with the shirt and whiskey bottle. Designed by Lili Price 

My Sketchbook 


Future development 
1. I am going to make a beach wrap, beach bag, make up bag and phone case to sell in my shop - 

2. I am going to offer this branding to Dartmouth Yacht Club, which they can use to enhance the club. 

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