Friday, 21 November 2014

TGL Work Experience

I loved the whole experience, especially travelling up to London each day and getting to visit different areas after work with great food and atmospheres. The whole experience was very interesting and everybody was really lovely. It inspired me with my own business too, and I want to make mailers, lookbooks, and generally just run my business more professionally. 
One of my favourite parts of the work experience was working with the Graphics Department and seeing how they work. They had really cool work stations! I learnt a lot of different skills and all of the designers gave me a huge amount of advice regarding graphic design. It was also interesting for me to see exactly what it'd be like to work within a Graphics Department, seeing how they interact with other departments, how they meet deadlines, and learning about the print process. 
I also loved going to the photography department. They had amazing equipment! I had no previous photography experience, so, it taught me a lot from discovering new software to photo retouching, and learning about lighting.
I felt like I was given a lot of creative freedom during my work experience, and I even got the chance to create my own collection of bags as practise. I loved researching and looking at all the different sources which identified fashion trends. I then hand drew all my elements and edited them on Photoshop and Illustrator. 

The perfect ending to my fantastic work experience was when the whole team surprised me on my birthday with a cake, and the Senior Designer Nica Kim gave me a lovely book with such beautiful typography. 

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