Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Interaction project - Becoming the queen for the day

With a black pen and a white piece of paper, communicate with the member of the public in a way that gets a reaction. 

- To strip back graphic design, so that all the work does is simply communicating with the member of the public 
- To get a reaction from people. 


Final photos 

This section is basically critical reflecting on the project in a lot of detail, so that I think of the strength and weakness, how it impacts stakeholders, how I would change it. The point of this is so that I can learn from my mistakes and things I did correct in a way that is constructive.

Coming up with ideas
A weakness with coming up with ideas for this project was that there wasn't that many of us that turned up for the group. This had an impact as 2 of us felt unmotivated and the ideas that we were coming up with was very limited, this meant that we didn't have a broad range to pick from. This would have effect the final piece and there wasn't much room for detailed development with in the limited ideas we were coming up with. However we solved this problem when the 3rd member turned up as it felt like we were an actual group now and the ideas and enthusiasm increased. This lead to ideas being developed off each other.

Making the product
A weakness was that there were too many people drawing at once; this lead to people not being able to draw on the projection or people using different line width of pen. The effect that this had was that some parts where drawn thickly and some were thinly. The effect that this have was that it looked very inconsistent, the impact that this would have had to the final piece is that it would have not looked professional, which means that people might have not wanted to interacted with it. How we solved this was that once we had taken it off the wall, we went over all the lines in Sharpy and made sure the line width we're the same and the shade of black was all consistence. If I was to do this part of the project again I would have made sure every one had the same pen and that maybe only 2 people at a time where drawing at the same time.

Presenting idea to member of the public
I thought that a strength was that it was the correct and relevant place to take our bank note. We took it to buckingham palace. This meant that because it was also half term there was lots of tourist and family visiting the queens house. The impact that this had on us, when we were confidence that people were very happy to interact with us and found it an enjoyable experience to become the queen for the day. If I was to do this part of the project again however I would have had a sign and stayed in one place instead of approaching people, thy would approach us because the would see he sign and see other people using it, as because it was a £5.00 they thought they had to pay £5 to get a photo.

A strength with or presentation was that it was clear to understand, by the use of limited colours, limited text on screen, also the use of our very short video. All this made what we were communicating engaging and enjoyable to understand what we were trying to communicate:

Overall thoughts
Overall I am really happy with how this project turned out, I felt that we worked well in a team and that problems that we faced, we solved them in a sensible and logical way. It was all jut a fun project to carry out. Also when we got positive reaction I got a really great feeling.

How I am going to develop this idea further
How I am going to develop this project further is that over he next 3 years when I am here in London I will defiantly be doing more of these project interacting with the public, even if it is having a market stall to drawing on the street.

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