Thursday, 12 November 2015

Renegade Craft fair

For a long time now a dream of mine has been to have a stall at the Renegade Fair. I was so excited a couple of months back when I got my acceptance email. So for the past couple of weeks I have been working really hard so that every thing would be perfect on the day. 

Photos of the day

- Here are some photos of my stall and me with it. 

Film of the day 
- Video coming soon, just being edited. 

Preparing for the stall 

This was so much work, to balance with running the business, doing freelance work, going and trying to keep up with uni and trying to live life. However I feel like I survived and took advantage of what my uni had to offer. I learn so much from this experience. 

1. Learning to deal with supplier, keeping with their deadlines, answering emails. It took a lot longer than I thought to order the pouches. It took over 4 months in total. However I am really pleased now because I now have a new product with my graphic design and illustration work on it. 

2. Learning how to balance my time and giving things priority. This was down to fine details, like name tags, to creating the stall, to how to get there. It all takes a lot longer and more time than I though it would. 

3. Printing my A0 Poster. I went to uni for this, and this was really interesting as I have never printed any thing this big, It was also great to see the process for future projects so now I feel a lot more confidence.  

4. Learning how to use the woodwork shops. This was one of the key areas where I learnt from, I made the wooden structure for my stall and a shelving unit all in a day. This allowed me to learn so many new skills in the wood workshop and  how it all works. This was a key part of my stall because it gave my stall height which meant people noticed it. 

5. Learning to deal with real deadlines, on very tight time and being able to negotiate. 

6. Learning to deal with major problems is a logical way

Some of the products I brought with me

A0 Poster I designed to put above my stall

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