Wednesday, 2 December 2015

British Museum

I am addictive to learning, I have from a very young age loved learning new stuff and I find indirectly it inspires me creatively. I was feeling a little bit down so normal when I do this when I am in London I just get on the tube and get off a random stop, this lead to me getting off at high Holborn. I looked around some really cool cafes and shops. I then came across the British Museum, So I went in.

These were the 3 most interesting things that I saw when I in there. I loved these pot, they really inspired me with the colours used. The top one with the gold special inspired me that i brought some black paper afterwards and  went home and did some personal drawings using gold ink.

The other one with was hyglips I found interesting as it talked about the initial formation of the alphabet and this is very closely linked to typography, graphic design and this was how people designed them selves to communicate in the very early days.
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