Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Laser Cutting

For this project we had to choice 2 words that we loved the sound of and then use the laser cutter to cut one into acrylic and then next one to engrave into wood. The two words that I chose were ' Fairy tale" and " Solitude". I have all ways loved fairy tales and this I feel is where my creative thoughts as at a young started to develop, this is why i chose the word, because for me it has a lot more meaning , I feel like it was a key to my creativity. The word solitude I chose because  I have all ways been alone in my own little word.

Photos of the day  


I think that a strength with my work was that the type face that I used was a very complex and beautiful looking typeface. I worked for a long time, neating the word up, making all the curves smooth and also making sure that the whole word when cut the detail won't fall out. Being so pedantic about this has allowed the word when it was cut, to all stay together and to make it look professional, not scruffy.

However I think that a massive weakness with this project is that the word is not eligible to read.  The typeface when curned makes it really hard to identify each letter. This means that it doesn't get the words across easily and it is hard to understand the message. This means that if I was too do this project again I would neaten it up so that it would be clear to understand.

More Project
I really wanted to extend this project further. I loved that I thought that this word fairytale looked like a key,  which links to the fact that fairy tales were the key to my creative side when I was younger. I really want to go back and make the typefaces a lot clean and crisp to look at, so that it is clear what the message is conveying. I then want to create a photo shoot, with a model that is walking down some gardens, with a clock on, holding the word / key. I want it to be a dark fairy tale world.

For a feedback they wanted us to develop our word, and take it out to a wood and do a photoshooot. We decided to go to Holland park.

We developed this idea by experimenting with different type faces and phrases. The phrase that we chose to use was don't piss the fairies off.

I think overall this more project didn't go as planned, in my head it was big grand and magical. I felt like the weather let, it down, it was raining and cold. Also I just don't think it had that magic or special feeling to it. I really want to do this project again in my own personal time, I want to make the letters bigger, so the image has a wider landscape, this will look more grand, then I want to hang them from the trees, this is so that it looks like the words are flying, which could give it a magical feeling to it.

I also felt like working in a group was very difficult. We kept trying to arrange to meet up and do stuff, In the end I felt that a lot of the prep work was done by me. I also felt quite annoyed as my partner had the final image, as she was the one who was the photographer, and she didn't send me over the file in time. During this project I felt like the project was going successful it really didn't go as I planned, in my head. Maybe I should have done this project on my own, but at the time I thought that I needed another person as it felt like it was going to be a big task. Looking back i would have had more freedom and  creativity on my own. For this I then deiced to extend my excite me project as well, so I made a video pieces of extra footage that I had shot for that session, and edited it. The video was meant to explore urban beauty of the area, which every day most people over look .

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