Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Letter Press

This was the session that I was most looking forward too. I have all ways wanted to set out type in a traditional way. I found that this day gave me a great depth of knowledge about type, that I knew about, but it gave a lot of the terminology more context.

Photos of the day 


I thought that a strength of the day was that I really wanted to be there, and I loved the environment, that I was in! Every thing was just so traditional and photogenic. This meant that with the work that we were creating, we wanted it to be the best that It could be. So we where being pefectiontins. We were trying our hardest, which meant that our work looked

Reflecting back on the day I think the key thing was that I was really excited for this day this meant that I put 100% effort and attention into all areas of the day! The impact was that we took a long Time in all areas making sure that every things was perfect! We chose the phrase is plan a fails there 23 more letters in the alphabet. We took a long time deciding the placement of the letters and the layout of the whole structure. We also did a lot of tests which allowed us to perfect our layout.
A massive weakness which I felt had an huge impact was that we were given a tray that did not have all the letters, this had an impact on the phase that we want to say! Original we wanted to say reading is food for the brain, however we didn't have enough words for this! We then went with if plan a fails then there are 23 more letters in the alphabet! I really liked this quote as I felt that it linked with what we were doing letterpress playing around with the albebete. However down to the fact that we again didn't have enough letters meant that we had to shorten the phase! And I just felt that it just didn't have that impact like the first one did. If I was too do this again, there is nothing that I could do to fix this as there would be no other way to get more letters in the same type face.
Overall I am happy how it turned out. It is very different to how I normally work. I don't normally work analogue, so it was a nice change not working digital the only digital thug I used that day in the session was a camera to capture the moment. If I had more time I would have gone back and made sure all the type was the same level. It was slightly not, so it didn't give it a tick black, bold look! I learnt a lot that day and I really enjoyed myself. I would defiantly love to design my own type face and make it so you could letterpress them!
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