Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Logo Project

The first project that we have been given is the "Logo Project" We as a group were given the word "Visual Communication" Our group was 8 people. We then all contributed to a mind map.  We then where put into subgroups and given a words from our mind map. I was in a group of 3 and we got the word "Experiment".


These are the first initial logos that I came up with. The Mission statement that " Experiment is the key to development, Discovery, changing your perspective and pushing your self out your comfort Zone. However reflecting back on this mission statement I think it is not very clear, it sums up what it leads to and not what It stands for, which meant that I went of a little bit of a tangent, with my logos, buy putting imagery of glasses and key. The impact of this was that the logos were not communicating a clear message, which means that the target audience wouldn't understand the logo.
The glasses where meant to represent a different perspective and the keys was meant to represent new things. I think a massive weakness in this section was that my mission statementI created was not strong enough. It didn't sum up, the core vales and belief of the word in a simple clear way. It was what leads on to the next thing. This had a massive impact on my initial logos as the symbols and imagy that I had decided to use came from the mission statement which didn't clearly link to the word experiment. This would have an impact on the end logo as it would have meant the message that it was trying to get across would not work well for the target audience to understand. If I was to do this stage again I would, have researched other mission statement to see how they were structured, this would have given me a guide line and would have meant that the mission statement would be appropriate.
We chose this logo to develop because, it was the most playful logo, It shows experiments throughout the word. However I think it was the one of the most week logos, visual appealing logo out of the initial ideas. This however has the potential to develop and into a more structured logo.
I think that a strength with the logo is the layout, I think what makes it's work is how the first and last part as in a structure, in the same type face. But in the middle the words are experimenting with the placement. I think this is really effective as it coneys the mission statement. Well this has an impact because the target audience instantly understands I however there mind is experimenting In the middle. Another strength with this project is that we used the letra set. It's links with experiment as it was my first try with them. It also gives the letter a really lovely texture to them. If I was to do this task again I would have looked at different type face and placement in a lot more detail, so that it looks really professional.

We also took part in creating our logo out of news paper, this got us to see things in a 3d way. 

Next we experimented with different types of materials and techniques. We came across some letraset and then played around with them, using different typefaces, sizes and base lines. We wanted the word to have a playfulness about it. We also wanted it to show that there is an experiments throughout the word. It was also meant to show that it was experiment that created our journey to refine our logo. I have never used letraset before, this meant that this was an autheinc way to come up with a logo for experiment. 

Overall I am happy with how the logo turned out.

This then was the logo that got chosen to refine. The logo that got chosen we mine one, so each of the 3 of us then took them further and refined them. I wanted to add more texture and bring them down to the base line. 

This is my final logo. I think that a strength with it is that it looks professional. I like how the i looks like it is knocking the 'R' out of place. I also like the texture of the logo. It also communicates in a small format as well. I think the logo communicates our mission statement, the impact that this has is that people will understand what the logo is trying to convey instantly. 
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