Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Photography Sessions

One of my personal interested within photography is double exposures. So I was interested to see if a camera could capture a double exposure without making it on photoshop.

my self and King spent a long time in the studio disguising ideas. Out of my six words I chose ' Second chance' and out of six words he chose ' protect me from the thing I love'. For his idea we wanted to have a shield with us behind it, with roses being thrown at it. For my one we really wanted to play on the idea of double exposure, showing the first one being messed up and then second one perfect. 

I think that this was a strong part of our project because we were really trying to think and tell a narrative of what our photo wanted to convey. This meant, that in our my mind we had a really clear, idea which hopeful meant that this would help on the day of the photo shoot as it meant that we would be completely prepared and know exactly what we want to do.  

Photo shoot

Example of test

Example of single shot
Final Photo

Down to the fact that I was prepared and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This meant that I went first. I explained my idea, which was I wanted to convey a second chance. This is down to the fact that I was adopted so I really feel like the this life that I lead is a second chance in life. Other wise I don't know where I would be in the world. I wouldn't have gone very far. So I wanted the first shot show uncertainly and lost 

Evaluation of work

I think that a strength in the work is that nothing needs retouching on Photoshop. The whole image is black and white, which I think is really powerful because it is conveying that there is a darkness with in a pretty perfect life. Also the the double exposures, I think coney the message that I was trying to get across, which was a second chance in life. This I feel was down to my preparation, that I was able to get a strong image with a narrative. 

However I think that a weakness with this project was that I hate being on camera. This meant that I felt really awaked wile taking the photo. The effect that this had was that the photos at the start didn't convey the message that clearly, because I just look awakd. 

Overall I really enjoyed this project, it was the first time that I have an a creative director, to try and tell my story and what I want to tell and it was the first time where I had been in a proper studio, with a good camera and lighting. Where we had full control. 
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