Sunday, 6 December 2015

Photoshop session

As I mentioned in a pervious blog post, I love double exposures, I feel like that they can tell I really interesting narrative. I wanted a person on both sides of the page, showing fragments of there past. I wanted to do a double exposure, as I did one in the photography session and I wanted to see how the tradiontal way of doing all in a camera and the morden way of using photoshop to create it.

I think that the main difference was that on photoshop you could build up the image so that it had a lot more images than 2, to create the final one. Also in the studio we wanted one layer black and white and the other layer colour. This was not able to capture this image.

I thought that an advantage with this project it was a comparison, so I was exploring the technique more instead of focusing the final outcome. This I felt gave me a more in depth research on techniques, which I personal found really interesting.

I thought that the workshop was interesting as I have never used photoshop to edit really photos before, I have only used them to edit line drawings. I felt like I learnt a lot here. Which could help me for future projects.
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