Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wood Workshop

This project we had to make the letter forms of the word 'Read' between our group. I was really excited about this day, as I hadn't been in the wood workshop for a long time. We basically got shown around the workshop, then had an introduction all the machine that we needed to use that day.

Here are some photos of the day: 

Here is a video of the day: 

Final Piece


Looking back on the day, I had a lot of fun, its one of the most productive day that I have had since joining the uni. However I think the weakness that we had was that we didn't prepare very well, I think that there were a number of reasons, for this. One of them was that we didn't know the group as it was a new group. This means that we turn up with hand drawn letters forms. The teacher looked at it and told us to go and print of digital typeface. This meant that we wasted a lot of time, a person in our group deiced to open up Indesign and illustrator to literally place 4 letters on 4 pages. This I personal thought was a waste of time, it is great to know the software, however when its literally just placing the same size word on one page, you don't need any fancy software which took over half an hour to load the computer up. This just ate into our workshop time. However lucky we had enough time to complete the activity in the certain time frame that we were given, so it didn't affect our time too much!

However an strength within this project was that we all worked as a team and got to know each other and helped each other. This meant that we got the work done efficiently and to a high quality. The impact that this had was that we started to get to know each other which also means that it will help of other tasks where we have to work together.

I think another weakness was that the photos that I took were not brilliant. I wanted them on a a stone floor, how ever they were not straight, if I had time, I would shoot this again, I would have made the letters straight and have spreaded out the words more. This would have made the photo look a lot better, which the effect would have been that it would have been more professional.

Overall I think that the words came out really well, I like how the size of them and I thought that making them into book stoppers is a good idea as it shows that it makes something particle out of them, which gives them a context and is relevant.

Pushing the project further 

After this project finished I stayed in the workshop and I spent the rest of the day making two display unit. This I thought was good because it consolidated all the skills I learnt in the morning as well and learning about a lot more machines. The first one was the stand, so that it allowed the metal pole to lets things hang down from my stall. The 2nd display unit I made was to display the pocket mirrors on, this can be found in the right hand corner.

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