Monday, 4 January 2016

Artist I discovered at the London Illustration Fair

I wrote a post the other day mentioning that I had been to the Illustration Fair in London, it summed up the day and I shared some photos that I took. This blog post is sharing some artist that I discover here.  I will leave links to all their work below their images. 

1. Nikki Strange -

This is her website. I actual discover Nikki, a couple of years ago when I started & researching setting up my business and trading in Camden Lock Market. Her patterns  are just amazing, I love her Paradise Palms notebooks.  Its such as shame I have been to 2 Renegade Fairs ( Where I had my own stall) + this illustration fair and every time, there all ways seem to be a friend managing the stall cause she has gone on lunch break or something, which is really disappoint, as I would love to meet the her. Its been amazing watching her store grow over the past couple of years. 

2. Ros Shiers -

I brought this card at the fair, for a christmas card to some one who loves pugs. I just love the illustration style. I thought the use of shading was brilliant. I first discover Ros Shiers in a small gift shop when I went back to bath. I fell in love with her print of the lipsticks. 

3. Will Clarke -

 I am a sucker for any line drawing of building especial ones of London, maybe because its because my favourite thing to do is line drawings of building, as some of you might know! Any way this is a mock up the image above, but I thought it was a nice way to display Will's work to you. I just love the big bright flat colours mixed with the heavy line weight of the detailed drawings. I spoke to Will on Instagram & in person he seemed such a lovely genuine guy. Its really cool how the prints are then screen printed.  When I own a wall big enough I will buy one to put up.

2. Brie Harrison -

Brie Harrison was really lovely to talk to, she was friendly and seemed to love what she did. I picked up these little post cards, as you guys might all ready know by know but I love flowers and any thing to do with nature, and mixed with Brie quirky style, which I thought looked quite like paper cuttings, I thought this would look perfect in my bedroom.
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