Sunday, 17 January 2016

Intro to 'Business from your bedroom' Blog & Book

I am Lili Price, a London-based graphic designer and illustrator.  I have been running Lili Price Studio from my bedroom for two and a half years. There is a new movement in the 20th century which has exploded because of certain factors such as  the internet, technology, consumer habits, and devaluing of skills & product quality by big businesses, to name just some of them. Creative people are now exploiting these factors and are now able to enjoy a comfortable life style, as their own boss. This book and blog is a step by step guide of setting up a professional business and brand from your bedroom, in loads of different sectors, from artists to musicians to freelance designers, bloggers, fashion designers, animators, products, services and many more types in the creative industry. Because I am a graphic designer and illustrator, the book and the blog will have a high emphasis on design along with the theory facts of business. This book will have a selection of suppliers, services, designers, processes, and information to get every single person up and running with their own professional business if they desire it. This guide will not guarantee success, but I promise you that the reader will learn and it will look great on a cv.  There will be examples of businesses and brands started from the bedroom.  Also at the end of every month, I will be holding ten minute Skype calls where I will personally have a one to one conversation about their business and give them specific advice. In addition to this, they will be able to book one to one sessions with me for half an hour where we can meet in central London. Finally, when the book is available, it will come with spreadsheets and a lot more elements, to help them get up and running.

What do you guys think of this project?  I would love to have your feedback!
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