Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday sum up 17 / 01 / 2016

Monday - I went back to the country today, for a personal matter.  I sat in the sunroom catching up with my mum. Later when I was feeling a little bit better I sat in the study, which is the image in the photo & did a little bit of work.

Tuesday - I got on the train and headed back into London, to go to uni. I got the brief that I had missed on Monday. The brief was pick something you Love and plan a day on Friday that celebrates your love. I then had a really interesting lecture on how art has changed through out the generations, how it used to be for the rich to show power & status. After that me, Sean & Sam went to Oxford Street.

Wednesday - In the morning, me & Owen went off to Chelsea for a outfit shoot, for my blog. There are 2 examples of. At the photo shoot Awesome Merchandise emailed me letting me know I could go up to Leeds to see them. In the afternoon I then prepared my trip up to Leeds, that included preparing art work, story boards & train tickets.

Thursday - We had crit today on our typography posters, that we created in the Christmas holidays. I Then went back to my halls, where I sat down, and came up with questions that I could ask Luke for his interview up in Leeds.  I also then packed my all my equipment and planned my day for Friday.

Friday- I was up at 7 and was on the train by 8.20. The train got stuck on the tracks to Leeds for 20 mins Then my Uber didn't turn up for 15mins. Final I arrived at the Awesome Merchandise factory. I had the most amazing day discovering what had happen to my art work once it leaves my room. I made pocket mirrors, tote bags & tattoos packs! All of these stages I filmed. I then had a chance to interview Luke. The interview was  all about business start up from the bedroom. After I finished filming, interviewing and making products, I then walked into Leeds to met Polly at Yo Sushi. After I met her I caught the train and got in at 12.

Saturday-  I was so tired, but I pulled my self out of bed and I edited the photos from Leeds & then I edited the video. I was listing to Harry Potter audio book. Me and Lani then went to Westfield's, to go shopping.

Sunday -  Today I took some more video footage, for my presentation on Monday. I then finished the edit. I put together 2 blog posts. In the evening me and Lani, headed out to Oxford street to buy hair dye and then go to the light festival in Westminster!

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