Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sunday Sum up 31 / 01 / 2016

Monday - I went to university today we had a briefing which was to bring junk info Friday so that we carry out an unknown brief. I then uploaded the interview with Luke Hodson to youtube. After lunch I had an Gif workshop, it was very interesting. I learnt about the history and looked at different GIF artist. I then started my first GIF, it was terrible. However then it started to develop. In the afternoon I finished off the freelance work that I started for the Local Wolves Magazine. The image is a shot of a part of my GIF.

Tuesday - I went over to Summer Set house on the Strand. I went their to see the Big Bang of data exhibition. It was  very interesting. I then went for lunch with Sean, where I saw my dad for a little bit. We then headed over back to UAL for a guest Lecture. Then cooked an amazing halloumi & roasted tomato wrap which tasted amazing. I prepared for tomorrow photo shoot. Later on in the evening me an Sean watched Its Always sunny in Philadelphia.

Wednesday - I left the house with a massive box & two bags. I have no idea how I made it to uni in one piece but I did. I went to the laser cutting studio and tried to book a session, however it was not possible to do what I wanted to carry out. I then booked a photography studio. I then took 2 photos. They took about 2 hours to put together, it was amazing how much time it took for the shoot. I headed home after that and just worked on lots of different bits and bobs, from university work to business work.

Thursday - In the morning I headed into university, I had a One to one in a small group of peers and my lecture. It was interesting to hear other people project! I had some interesting feedback as well, so I now know where my project is heading. I headed back to halls and had a Harry Potter marathon, while I was getting through a lot of business work and university work. In the evening I then watch ' Its all ways Sunny In Philadelphia' with Sean.

Friday -  We had the briefing on Monday, it was to bring junk in because we had a day project with the second years. I am sorry, but it was just a terrible brief. We had to make large letter forms out of junk. So I packed my bags and I left, which I left kinda bad of. But I felt that my time could be spent better. Last term we had a project called the 'More' project. My one went terrible wrong so I decided to re do this. I went down the the wood work shop and explained my idea, I wanted to make 30 Ampersands and then paint patterns on them. The final project would be a photo shoot of a pattern. For lunch I then saw dad, we had lunch together, It was so nice to see him. I then headed back to uni, to the woodwork studio and I made 6 Ampersands, I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot. I then left university quite late and went back to halls. I then watched Harry Potter the whole evening!

Saturday - It was a very frustrating day today, I just couldn't work, no matter how hard I tried, I just didn't have the concentration. Which was very annoying. In life you have ups and you have downs, Saturday I just felt down, I just feel like all the work that I put in, just don't seem to pay off. I know I will wake up tomorrow and the thought would have just left my head. I then fell asleep by ancient listening to Vampire Academy audio book in the afternoon. When I woke I still felt a bit bland. So I decide that I would go out of halls and just go some where. I found that I ended up in Covent garden. I deiced I would go to London Graphic Design center. It was so cool, it made me feel a lot better. I brought some lovely A0 paper for photo shoots & some spray paint. I then wondered around London going into shops. I observed people around me. It's crazy how many people there are around, yet it can feel like your so alone, in this big but at the same time small city. I came back to halls, then set up a photo shoot of pocket mirror.

Sunday - Just a boring day of uni work, working on my book & I finished Sunday sum up. I got Sean over and we filmed our video submission for our deadline. I then talked to Owen for a bit we were discussing possible ideas for photo shoots for this Wednesday!

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