Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Metallic Wall

When I saw this metallic wall, my heart skipped a beat!  The wall had these amazing copper colour, with pinks, hints of green, hints of yellow & purple. I knew that I had to take an perfect outfit photo, in front of it. Because there was so many colours in the wall, I needed a simple, elegant outfit that would be bold again all the colours, I deiced for these reasons to go monochrome.  

These shoes, are the best! Very comfy, I could wear them all day and my feet won't hurt. They went well I thought with the shirt. This skirt has 2 large pockets in it and my god, I wish all dresses and shirts had them, they are so useful to put keys & phone in. Lastly for my birthday present one of my close friends Polly gave me a tote bag from her shop. I just love it, I notice when I am on the underground a lot of people look at it for ages, reading what it is saying. Its so useful just to put a book & some bits and bobs.   

What I am wearing 

*Photo was taken by my little sister Claudia - 
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