Sunday, 7 February 2016

January Monthly Sum Up 2016

2016 has started off with a bang, at the start of the month it was so busy, I really didn't feel like I had time to catch my breath to breath. I started to take blogging seriously, planing & developing my business, living the London lifestyle and trying to do university work! To catch up with Sunday sum ups head over to this area of my blog - I have found it really hard to write these day to day life and document them. However I am pleased to say I have managed. I don't know how daily vloggers manage it with another job. Respect goes out to them especially Casey Neistat ! I just need to try and make this into a habit! 

Sunday Sum up:

Some of the highlights of the month that really stood out to me where: 
Red Bricks in Chelsea Photo Shoot - 17 / 01 / 2016 

  1. Launching my hand drawn notebooks -
  2. Meeting with Olivia in Camden for business meeting! 
  3.  Designed Album cover of Monster & Men as I really wanted to be creative and start with a project with replacing album art work with my take on the song. 
  4. Meeting up with Erica in Shoreditch and exploring the area more! 
  5. Photo shoot for blog post ' Red bricks in Chelsea'  -
  6. Going up to Awesome Merch in Leeds to film a video of 'outside my bedroom' & ' Interveiwing Luke' Then seeing a really close friend of my mine Polly. 
  7. Having Lunch In China town with Siqi and exploring more of London.
  8. Meeting up with Gabriel in Covent Garden and exploring that area.  
  9. Big Bang Data exhibition with Sean.
  10.  Product Photo shoot in the studio. 
  11. Cutting Ampersand, a hell of a lot of them
  12. Lunch with Dad.  
  13. Business from my bedroom photo shoot. 
  14. Making my first ever GIF
Here is my monthly favourite - ( Video will be on it ways later on this week )

My Lace up shoes from Asos, I can't stop wearing them! There so beautiful I am cooking in them, and I doing my washing in them, walking around the flat! I Just Love them so much and I can't wait to wear them out.
My second favourite was a Tote bag that I brought from Kate Craven, It was called Winter Wonderland Tote bag. I just love it so much the illustration style is so detailed. Its just a lovely design. -
So I have re discover Pendulum, love the old songs that I used to love such as Witchcraft, The Island, Watercolour. However this year I have discover are more the songs I didn't get to listen to when I loved them, such as self vs Self, Set Me On Fire. 

I have also been listening to a lot of  Foals. I have listen them for years now they are my favourite band! However I have been listing to their old album Antidotes. Love Red Socks Pugi, Olympic Airways, Electric Bloom, Two steps, twice and Tron.

Favourite Place 
Covent garden has been a place that I keep going to this month, I just love apple market and all the shops around the area.

New thing I have learnt 
I leant how to make my first GIF, which was basic however I didn't know how to make one on photoshop. 

New products launched in Shop 

New designs work 
I explored a different type of style this month, I have explored 2 different types one which is hand drawn detailed illustrations and vector style. 

Favourite blog 
Kotryna Bass - I loved this blog this month as it gives a lot of useful advice of design work. The blog and photography is also beautiful! I am thinking about getting a blog designed by her, but I am not too sure yet. 

Favourite Instagram 
Friday after noon - Sunday Morning! I have Been looking on Instagram & Pinterest at workspaces for inspiration I love this desk layout by @fridayafternoon_sundaymorning I love the green plants, lots of white space contrasted with black flat colours and bold type face! Really love her pillows she makes I think workplaces are really important for creative people! -

Favourite event 

Favourite Tv show  
It's always sunny in Philadelphia, its light hearted video that makes me laugh and I have been watchingBlack sails season two, it is the complete opposite to It's always sunny in Philadelphia, however I am enjoying watching the show. It is like Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones mashed together. 

Goals for February: 
I am now in February reflecting on last month I felt at the start of the month I was highly motivated and getting things done. Now I feel like I need to focus my attention back on my specific task. I need to over come some blocks that I have done. Also I feel I need to go back home for a little bit too see my family and spend some quality with them! I want to add more video to my blog to show in more detail what I am talking about! 
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