Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday Sum Up 7 / 02 / 2016

Monday - I had a lecture on moving image and animation, it was all about how it started. It was really interesting. I then went to Nandos for Lunch with Some of my class mates. After that I headed to the the wood work studio and cut some of my Ampersand. After that I went back to halls, where I made supper, me and Sean then watch tv together.

Tuesday - I went to the wood work studio to cut more Ampersand in the morning. I am on Ampersand 6. It takes a long time to cut, but I feel like I am getting better at cutting and wood work. I then had my theory lecture which was watching our video response on the big bang data. Me and Sean then went to Shepard bush to the Westfield. It was a nightmare because I thought I had lost my hard dive, lucky my friend found it. I then went to Waitrose and brought food for the rest of the week, I brought a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. I then did some work when I got home. Unfortunley I had 2 very bad noise bleeds which was not pleasant. In the evening I watched tv with Sean.

Wednesday - I went to university and I again went to the wood workshop and cut some more Ampersand. I did the re shoot with Alex for my uni project in the photography studio. It wasn't as good as last week, but the photo told the narrative better. I came back to halls and did some work and made spaghetti bolognese. In the evening my friend was meant to come over but didn't, so I watched it's always sunny in philadelphia with Sean and listen to some music & talked.

Thursday - I had a lie in today as I was feeling really tired. I headed in for my one to one on my university project. There was some interesting feedback and now I know how I am going to solve it. I headed to the postoffice to drop some parcels and letters off. I then put together my portfolio for my session on Monday morning! Sean then came down to my flat for a bit to watch tv and listen to music.

Friday - I again went to Wood workshop where I final finished 6 of my Ampersand. I headed to the postoffice to drop off a load of parcels. I then started planning a  blog post.

Saturday - I did a photo shoot with local wolves magazine with Mila. We had a lovely time! we shot in my bedroom and in Kensington palace gardens. I can't wait to see how the photos came out! Me Siqi and Kika then spent 3 hours making home made dumplings. They were so good. Next I stunk the whole house out because I sprayed painted 6 on my Ampersand. I made a video out of this, and edited the footage straight after.

Sunday - Just work work work and more work, to catch up on in my bedroom! Nothing very interesting happen. I haven't left my desk!
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