Sunday, 6 March 2016

February Monthly Sum Up 2016

I swear I am going to say this every month. But time always seems to fly so fast. I always wish it could slow down, so I can feel like I enjoy each day. Anyway here is a sum up of the month that I have had.

Sum up of Sunday Sum ups: 
Some highlights of the month that really stood out to me: 
  1. I felt like this month I was cutting a lot of Ampersands. 
  2. Photoshoot for Local Wolves magazine with Mila. 
  3. We had dumping night with some of my flatmates. 
  4. Met up with Kyle in Oxford street. 
  5. I final did my tax form. 
  6. Met up with Sarah in Covent garden. 
  7. Went home to a little bit. 
  8. Saw my grandparents and some of my family. 
  9. Parents went away to France. 
  10. Created Spring Summer Brochure 2016. 
  11. Met Alp Cirakli for a photo shoot. 
  12. Went on a date with Sean. 
  13. Photoshoot in Notting hill 
  14. Saw Lauren for a bit, it was so nice to catch up with her. 
  15. My Iphone 6 turned up. 
Monthly Favourites 

My studded heels from Missguided, they are just the best, there quite comfortable for shoes, but I still love them to death, they give an edge to an outfit.

I have loved film music at the moment, so of my favourites that I have been listening to is Alexandre Desplat and  Hans Zimmer. They just make me feel really happy or reflective on life. 

I know I put Foals down last week but I said it was the old album Antidotes, this month it is a new song that think is just great to listen to, it is ' Give it all - Lindstom Remix'.

Favourite Place 
It has to be Notting Hill Gate. I love the pastel colours around the place giving it a beachy type feel to central London which I always find strange. 

New Products launched to Shop 
I launched hand made wooden Ampersand, in Rose gold & Black! 

New Design Work:
Lily Pebbles-inspired work, from her tattoos.  

Favourite Event 
I loved dumpling night as we had a lot of fun making them and catching up with my flat!  

Favourite TV show 
I am still enjoying watching Black sails at the moment, I am on season 3! 

Goals for March 
  • To work hard on my essay for university 
  • To design more work 
  • To keep drawing 
  • Film a shoe haul video 
  • Film how to make my Ampshan  products
  • Set up some photoshoot with bloggers
  • Sort out where I am living, next year. 

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