Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sunday Sum up - 12 / 03 / 2016

Was not the best start to a Monday morning for various reasons! Just wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world! But I have dragged my slef into university where I did my write on effects for my animation! I then went to Oxford street so I could stretch my legs and get out my flat and uni for a bit! 

It was really wired but this morning I heard my phone go but instead of waking up I dreamt that I had picked it up in my dream! I must have been really tired. I then got my emails sorted which was always a good feeling and there always so many that hang over me! I then listen to my audiobook and I planned more of my essay that I am writing for university. I packaged up some orders and headed over to Covent Garden to drop my pack off and post my items. One of the annoying things about owning a business and living in London is going to the post office. There is never any fast way to drop parcels off at the post office.  

I went to university to do the main write on effects for my projects. Wasn't the best of days. However, I did my main task. Which I was pleased about. Then came up and drew some random patterns. I watched a movie with Sean in the evening. 

I had a bit of a lie in, I did some work in my room just updating, planning and designing some stuff. I then watched a movie and ate ice cream with Sean. 

I headed over to CSM today. It was an amazing campus. For the first time, I felt that I was an art student. There was a very creative vibe though out the whole place. As I was heading out I ran into King. So we sat in the library for a bit and caught up! He then showed me around the campus. I then bumped into Sherwin, we both stayed his friends for a bit. I headed off back to halls where I had my food. I then did some embroidery work. In the evening, I went over to Sean's for a bit to eat cheesecake and watch a movie together.

I lay in bed listening to my audiobook. I then spoke to my parents for bit of time. I felt like I needed to get out of the house so I headed to Shepard bush. I went into a couple of shops and went to Waitrose. I headed back to halls, where I then cooked supper. Me and Sisi then talked for a while on business topics and books.

I headed out to Hyde Park, it was nice to walk in the sun, there were a lot of people. Sisi then had a chance to try out her new lens. We then walked over to Harrods and got onto the underground. We then headed to CSM to go and study in the library.

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