Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday sum up 20 / 03 / 2016

Went to university for a very hard one to one. It went on a lot longer than I was expecting. I then came home and cooked supper. 

Stayed in halls all day just catching up on work that I had fallen behind with. I also finish bloodlines audiobook! It was so good just got the last one to go. I then started huntress TVs show, which is not as good story plot as vampire academy / Bloodlines but it still was interesting to watch. 

Had a nice lazy day around the house in the morning. I then headed into university where I finished the final of my animation. I went over to Oxford street in the evening where I went to Liberty, I love looking at all the fabrics in the shop. I then browsed in other shops such as Topshop. I then watched Suites with Sean for a little bit.

I went into uni early at 10, I then watched everyone's final animation.  It took such a long time. The tutors just talked and talked, which was slightly annoying, when we could of just watched the show reel in about 1 hour and a half. Final it finished and some of the people from my course when to a boat bar in Westminster. It had a lovely view of  the sunset over Tate Britain and houses of parliament.

I had an even harder one to one with my tutor. It didn't leave me feeling brilliant. However after I met Gabriel and we had a lovely rest of the day. We walked to Covent garden and I brought a chocolate muffin.  Then headed over to Somerset house, next we went back to my halls where we made a stir fry. In the evening we went to Richmond where we went bowling, which was so much fun, I haven't do that since I was very little.

I just had a lazy Saturday, where I watched a lot of documentary about food and world issues. I then listen to bloodlines. I headed out to Shepard Bush to go to Westfields, I brought some ingredients  for my chicken and sweetcorn soup. Which I made when I got back.

Another Lazy day, I promise myself that next week will be a lot more productive. I made calls when I got up to Love ones. I then had lunch and watched Jack Whitehall, stand up comedy, which really made me laugh a lot. I then worked at my desk for a bit. 
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