Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday sum up 6 / 03 / 2016

I headed into university bright and early! I had an after effects workshop! Some of it was interesting, however a lot of it like write on effects was slightly dull as I have learnt it before. The morning session finished so I headed to Tottenham Court Road where I went into a couple of shops and final I went to the bank! After that boring experience, I went into Lush to bright up my mood. I just love the flagship store, its so bright. I also was on the phone to my a estate agent trying to finger out places to look at. I got home after that and I made lunch which was a camembert and theory toasty. I also found £2.90 which was nice. I sat at my desk and designed Lily pebbles collaboration, excited to show you guys, what it looks like. I had the idea in my head for a long time and have tried so many times to sit down and draw it but until today it never came out how I wants it. I then did some business emails and had a long chat with my flatmate Siqi, I then cooked supper with was a curry! I went back to my computer and worked till 3. 

The morning I did my university work where I was drawing  line drawings on illustrator. I then went to Oxford street so that I could drop my parcels off at the post office! In the afternoon, I headed over to UAL where I had my lecture. I headed back to halls, after as my one to one was cancelled. I fell asleep for a bit when I got home. But in the evening, I filmed a video of speed drawing of my hand drawn notebooks. I then listen to my audiobook and feel asleep!

I sat at my desk and I finished the drawing for my uni project. I then filled in my applications form for Covent Garden Market trader hopefully they will accept me, fingers crossed. I like Covent-garden market because they are near the apple store and a lot of my products are for apple products. I then had lunch which was well welcomed as I was starving! After I had a productive afternoon, I did a lot of product shoot of new designs and new products. My room got so hot with the studio lights on in my small room for 4 hours. After I finished my room looked such a mess, so I tidy it up for a bit! I cooked my support and it was amazing. I then watched a tv show I been waiting for a while to watch but been too busy. After I listen to the audio book I am currently listening to and I edited my photos I took today! 

I did my animation project in the morning! I also then caught up some emails and admin stuff from my business. I went to university where there was an interesting lecture. I then came home and did more work. 

I did the usual stuff in the morning from university work to admin. In the afternoon, I went house hunting around Notting Hill Gate. There were some really lovely houses for about the same prices I am paying for halls. It was wired being in a car in central London however it allowed me to have a tour of the place and I have discovered some really lovely places to shoot some look books and outfit posts. 

I went to a blogging event in the morning, the bloggers market.  I was going to go at 10 however I wasn't feeling very well so I couldn't get out of bed till like 10. So it me at theta I made the event at about 12. It was such a lovely event, I wrote a blog post here, it was lovely to meet Carrie and Olivia. I wasn't feeling great all day quite light headed and not very well so after I edited my photos I then got into bed and slept for a bit. I then printed off and paperwork for Covent garden and putting togheter some blog posts.

I woke up not feeling brilliant today, I have got my dizzy spells back which was annoying. However I decided in the afternoon to go to Notting Hill Gate for a photoshoot! It was very cold, unfortunately in the middle of the photoshoot, we got caught in a hail storm, which was annoying as it cut our session short and it was so cold, with no shelter. We then went around the area. I then got home, editted photos, blog posts and made supper. 
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