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Mark Ferris & Lili Price Studio Collaboration #MarksMerch

Hello and welcome, hope you’re all well! I thought I would quickly introduce myself. I’m Lili Price, a London based Graphic Designer & Illustrator studying at UAL. I own an online business -, which sells my hand drawn work on products such as phone cases, pouches and lots of other items. I’m also stocked on Carnaby street in ‘We built the City’. So if you’re ever around there, pop in and ask the lovely people where you can find my work and they would be happy to point out where it is located in the shop. To find out more about who I am and what I do follow this link -

Over the past couple of months, Mark and me have been working really hard on designing his first ever merch range. We’ve had loads of meetings all over London, in Covent Garden, Hoxton and a lot of other places. It has been a very exciting project to work on and we both can’t wait to hear the response and see how you all style your phone cases in your way! To head over to buy them go to my online store -

This Blog post will include: 
1. Introduction to the range
2. Mark Ferris Official YouTube Video
3. Official Look Book Photos
4. Background story, how the collection developed & behind the scenes.
5. Free paper aeroplanes download for DIY & Instruction on how to make them.
8. New Mark Ferris Branding
9. Link to online store to buy the collection
6. Lovely photos from you guys. Just hashtag #MarksMerch on Instagram and the gallery will update every day with everyone’s photos.

1. Introduction to the range 
The Mark Ferris Collection consists of 5 products. The first 4 are phone cases and the 5th is an A4 Art print. We ship our products worldwide!! Here is the website where you can buy them -

Mark Ferris Phone Case / Summer Vibes Phone Case / Ice Cream Delight Phone Case / Head in the Cloud Phone Case / Be Kind Always A4 Art Print 
The whole Mark Ferris phone case collection is available for Apple iPhone & Samsung. They can be sent to any part of the world! The pattern is designed by Lili Price on Illustrator. The Phone case is the perfect way to make your phone fashionable and add a bright pop of colour for the summertime. There is also an A4 art Print available to buy.
The phone cases are manufactured in the UK, down in Southampton, by a small independent business. The designs are professionally printed onto premium full wrap cases! The premium case is thick high-quality plastic with a shiny finish.
If you have bought a product, we would love to see how you style them in your own personal way. So snap a photo and tag us on your social media!

The Phone cases are available for: 
- iPhone 4 / 4S
- iPhone 5 / 5S / SE
- iPhone 6 / 6S
- iPhone 6 / 6S Plus
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
- Samsung Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
- Samsung Galaxy S5
- Samsung Galaxy S6
- Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Mark Ferris Main Pattern Phone Case ( Mark Ferris Collection ) 
Ice Cream Delight Phone Case ( Mark Ferris Collection )  
Head in the Cloud Phone Case ( Mark Ferris Collection )  
Summer Vibes Phone Case ( Mark Ferris Collection ) 
Be Kind Always A4 Art Print ( Mark Ferris Collection ) 
2. Mark Ferris Official YouTube Video 

We made a little video about our collaboration. It includes a look book and DIY tutorial where you guys can download a free pattern to make it. The file is further down on the blog post. Don't forget if you make anything to show us on Instagram #MarksMerch

3. Official Look Book Photos
We went down to Brighton, for a fun day out! Here are some of the photos. Don't forget we want to see how you guys are styling your phone case with all your personal styles! Snap some photos and tag us on social media. 

4. Background story & behind the scenes

How the collaboration came about was that I contacted Mark to see if he wanted to take one of my phone cases to take a photo and show on his Instagram account. Mark chose the Geometry Arrows, which was the phone case that I designed for Lily Pebbles! When I was sending him the Geometry Arrows phone case, he asked if I did custom phone cases. I said that I do and that I have done a couple for Alien Creatures and Lily Pebbles. 

The next week, I was on the tube into central London where I met Mark for the first time in Covent Garden Starbucks. Our table was swamped by a lot of you, asking for photos, which was such a lovely atmosphere. The only thing we were worried about was that the people would see what project we were working on. Anyway this meeting was brilliant. We basically talked about everything, from what the product range would be, to what Mark wanted the collection to have in it, where we would shoot the look book and I also showed him how I run my business. 

I went away with a brief that Mark wanted fun, brightly coloured phone cases that had illustration from everything to music notes to paper aeroplanes. I sat at my desk for a while and started drawing. I then developed a mock up and put together another presentation. 

We met at the Hoxton Hotel, in Holborn, which was a really cool hotel where loads of creative people sit, have meetings, drink tea and pretend to be productive. This is where I showed Mark the mock up. I got his feedback and then showed him the prototypes of the paper aeroplane thank you cards. We then talked about more details about the look book. 

Coming away from that meeting I was very excited and went home to refine the drawings and develop them to the best I could. I sat for hours over my laptop, making sure everything was perfect.  I then sent off the final designs to my supplier and received the final phone cases a couple of days after. There was a slight problem with the colours on one of the phone cases, so together my supplier and me sat down and tried different colour swatches to get the perfect gradient. 

At this point I decided to run a first batch of 200 thank you cards. When we first met in Starbucks I had the idea that the thank you cards could be paper aeroplanes. I didn’t think that I would have to make them!! As I did about 150, I was already regretting it. In the end I am very pleased that we did them, as I feel that they are just a little different, and it’s like we are sending our love to you guys! I really didn't care where I was making these. I got such strange looks, as I was making them all over London. While sitting on the tube, in university lectures and while watching films, they took over my life for a bit.  I had to be careful though to make sure that I don’t bump into anyone who knows Mark. 

Mark then came over to my halls, where I live in London, and we did studio photography, filmed the DIY and sat down, making more paper aeroplanes. This was such a crazy day. We did a couple of stop frame animations for the video and filmed the YouTube video.

On the 22nd of June, we went down to Brighton. We headed out to the Breakfast Club, where we had Brunch. We then headed out to the pier. We were so scared that the seagulls were going to poo on us! After that we walked all the way down to the beach huts. Unfortunately, the weather at this point had turned a really grey and misty, which was annoying. We then just had a look around and walked to the lanes. Lastly, we went to this cute bar, where we got some really amazing drinks :)
If you’ve gotten this far, I hope you found that interesting to read about how we approached this collection! 
5. Free Paper aeroplanes download for DIY & Instruction on how to make them.
This is the free download for the PDF of the paper aeroplanes. The paper aeroplanes can be used as notes for passing in class and for the wall hanging. Don't forget if you make one, show us on Instagram and tag us both @markkyferris & @liliprice #MarksMerch .

This is the free download for the paper Aeroplanes 

8. New Mark Ferris Branding 
Being a Graphic designer and Illustrator, it made sense for me, if we were to launch this collection that it needed to visually tie into Mark's brand. So I developed the patterns into branding and created a YouTube & Twitter banner and an intro and outro for his YouTube channel.
9. Link to online store to buy the collection
Here is the link to buy the phone cases -
10. Lovely photos from you guys. Just hashtag #MarksMerch on Instagram and the gallery will update every day with everyone’s photos.

Thanks for reading! I really hope that you might have found this interesting to read and I would love to hear what you think of our work. If you have any questions or feedback, please head over to my Twitter or Instagram and I would be happy to answer. Questions can be anything related to Mark’s Merch, the design world, university and the online business. I’m writing a book 'Business from the bedroom' which if any of you, who are interested in design or online business, might find interesting. Follow me on social media to keep updated with it all.

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