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The Happy Cactus Stationery Collection

The Brief 

It was set by Grey designs, they wanted us to create a sub-brand for Eko kitchen. Eko kitchen is a camp that feeds Syrian Refugees. Under this sub-brand, they wanted us to make a product that could be sold to  make as much money as possible,  so that it can be used to feed the camp.

Final Presentation // This was the presentation that was presented in Grey's Office 

The Journey through the project 

I read this brief as making as much money as possible for the Eko kitchen so that they can feed as many people as possible. I came up with a couple of ideas, the 2 main ones that I had developed and was going to take forward was a non-commercial idea and a commercial idea. The first idea was to create a range of pottery. Such as plates, bowls, mugs. This would have a nice link to the money spent on them would help run a kitchen. I then wanted glass bottles to be collected from the camp and melted into them, to give a beautiful texture on the surface. I thought that this idea would be high end and I don’t think that it would hit a massive market. My second idea I wanted to have a very light-hearted approach, that would appeal to a wide range of people and be a lot cheaper than the second option. Also this option would allow very high-profit margins, so that they can make money and feed the camp. 

Chosen Idea 

I thought that the aim of this project was to make as much money as possible. I know that cactus are on massive trend at the moment, people are just going crazy for them they are is most shops such as ASOS, Urban outfitters, Topshop, Paperchase ect.. I didn’t want my products to be the same as th, I wanted to add my own spin and personality to this trend. Form the very start of this idea I wanted to create a whole stationary collection. I started by creating a mock up of a flat lay of potential products. From this I wanted to have a Typeface and a pattern, that worked together. I then spent the next couple of days drawing the pattern and the typeface. Then I made all the products. After I had all the physical products made I focused on photo-shoots and creating a lifestyle. As in a online site, its not just the product that will sell, there has to be a lifestyle a story. You have to make your product desirable. 

1st - Cactus Mood boards // Research on Cactus trend showing how different compandesignersginers have approached it. I wanted to create a design that was within the trend, but had a unique spin on it.

2nd - Mock up of idea // I  went away and I thought about what I wanted to make, I wanted products that had very large profit margins, that could be made fast and hit a wide range of people and for the product to be in high demand. The designs were not completed in the mock up, they were just empty boxes to begin with titles on them. I made this mock up as I wanted the collection to work together and I wanted a photo for the front of the website. As the products are being sold online, its not good enough to create a beautiful product, you have to create a lifestyle that some one will buy into! 
3rd - Research on Cactus // I went away and did primary and secondary research. I had a few cacuts that I drew from This showed me different types of shapes, colours, sizes. 

4th - Initial hand A4 hand drawing of Cactus Pattern // The next step was to draw out all of the designs for the final product.

5th Initial A4 A-Z Cactus Typeface //  This was the hardest part of the project as I had a day and a half to draw them in.
6th -Taking them into the computer // Next step was to take them into the computer and I switched the fill color, added more dotes, neatten things up ect. I then set them all out for differnt printing process in templates, as they all have differnt dimention, such as phone cases, cards, full bleed art prints, non full bleed ect.......

5th Printing option // Here is a couple of examples of print template I sent off to suppliers

6th - lifestyle photo shoot // As I mentioned selling online is not just about making a great product, it's all about photos, this is what sells they lifestyle and this is what the customers buy into if its a balance between a great product, that is functional useful and there is a strong lifestyle behind it, it will sell.  These can then be shared over the website, print, social media.  I did 3 Shoots, the first one was the flat lay of all products, this was do in a studio, I then did indivual shoots of product in my home studio the last shoot I went into Urban Outfiiter as they store layout and creative directon, was in line to what I was looking for, so I walked around the shop taking photos there.


I think a strength with my project was that the products that I produced I actual had a final products, which meant I could take my own photos, and start to art direct the story of the brand. This made the brand and products seem more realistic and more desirable for a person to buy and spend money on the product. 

I think a weakness of my project was that I didn’t have enough time to refine my drawings, from a far they look interesting, however if I look up close there are something that I would love to change, if I had more time. Also I would have loved to expanded my product range, but these would have taken a couple of weeks to prep the files and get them made by suppliers. 

Over all I really feel that the experiences that I have picked up over the past couple of years of running a business has really helped me during this task. I feel like it has helped me in many different areas, such as research, idea, product development, carrying out the task quickly and efficiently and creating a brand lifestyle. It also helped because I know how to create a product that will sell products, not just create the product. I am happy with my take on the Cactus trend.  

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